ATTENTION: Real Estate Influencers and Coaches Who Want To Perfect Their Craft

OCTOBER 20-21, 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama

The business development Conference

for real estate coaches 
by real estate coaches

Have you ever heard or been told: 

“You just started in real estate. What qualifies you to teach it?”

I am SO sick of hearing those words! They are filled with jealousy and resentment from old, tired, has-been “gurus.”

That’s why we created REI COACHES.

This is a place where successful real estate investors can come and learn how to transition into becoming a great real estate coach, while keeping their real estate business thriving.

You don’t have to have gone through an entire market cycle to be successful at coaching, like some gurus claim. You just have to have a heart and passion for making a difference in someone’s life.
But you also need to be equipped with the skills and training needed to get clients, to keep clients, and to make sure those clients are successful!

Because the number one rule in coaching is: if your clients aren’t successful, you won’t be successful.

At this year’s REI COACHES CONFERENCE, we have brought in some of the very best and most successful coaches in all of real estate.

We have the experienced, go-giving speakers to help mold you and shape you into becoming the next great coach.

And if you've already been coaching for years, we have some great tools and resources that will help EXPLODE your current coaching business!

Coaching, much like real estate investing, is all about who you know.

If you can make just one lasting connection with someone who can help take your business to the next level, then we consider this event a success!

Meet Your Speakers

Speaker Announcements Coming Soon...

Zack Childress

Zack specializes in teaching investors how to get started and how to grow their real estate investing business. It’s not just about buying and selling properties, but market segment and marketing to find leads, too!

His students call him the “REAL” Real Estate Mentor because he’s an active Real Estate Investor doing it every day. Zack has an investment company that has been successfully operating for over 17 years and has been able to expand his activities from starting as a wholesaler to being able to move through all 4 tiers of investing to give him a truly Passive Cash Flow life now.

Ryan Dixon

I am a business minded, fun loving, numbers dork, that enjoys not taking himself seriously. I am a father and family man. I started in real estate 15 years ago using only mail and networking to get my leads. After joining REIPrintmail I have been fortunate to work with some of the largest real estate investors in the country, the response to my free Direct Marketing Coaching has been overwhelming in a great way. I am truly blessed.
Helping investors get more deals while growing my own real estate portfolio is my version of a perfect life..and I am living it!!!
I enjoy being active, traveling, and you can usually find me on my pontoon boat at the lake when I have the time. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

Brian Trippe

Host and MC

Brian is the founder of REI LIVE, a series of real estate investing meetup groups throughout the southeast region of the United States. He teaches coaches how to enhance their real estate business and acquire high-ticket coaching clients by becoming a LOCAL authority in their marketplace.

Brian's passion and gifting is in networking and connecting. He receives personal gratification by helping connect others for business development purposes. Through this gift, he has quickly developed a national reputation as an industry thought leader by his willingness to give and share.

Brian is the host and organizer of REI Coaches and will be your Master of Ceremonies for this event!
Tom Krol 
Coaching, Inc.
"The event is amazing! It was not just filled with amazing people put I have learned so much! This event is filled with authentic go-givers and successful coaches."
"There's content here you just won't get anywhere else. One of the best peer-to-peer type of events where you learn and grow from each other. I can't imagine a better place to come if you want to get better as a real estate coach, mentor, investor."
Joe Gnapp
Unfair Advantage Events
Christina Krause
Postal Impact
"It was awesome to be among friends and colleagues, people in the coaching space all with similar mindsets, and to be able to have amazing conversations to shape our coaching programs"


Thursday, Oct. 20

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.:

Speaker Day 1

Enjoy a day of introductions from ALL attendees; short, powerful keynotes; networking opportunities; and special-interest panels; and breakout sessions.

6:00 - 8:00 p.m:
Private Networking Reception with Speakers

Friday, Oct. 21

9 a.m. - 12 p.m:

Speaker Day 2
Special speakers and breakout sessions.

6 p.m:

VIP Steak dinner at nearby, award-winning steakhouse.

Saturday, Oct. 22
(Optional Fun Day)

Stick around for an extra day to further network and bond with fellow coaches in the real estate industry.

Some of us will be driving to nearby Tuscaloosa to watch an Alabama football game.

Ticket Bonuses!

Access to private Facebook group

After you have purchased your ticket, we will manually add you to our growing community of coaches, where we share industry news, tips, and strategies!

Replays of all speakers from last year

Last year's event was incredibly successful, and we have the whole thing available for you to watch immediately!

Learn from Tom Krol, Joe McCall, Jamil Damji, Christina Krause, Jeff Watson, Ty "Flip Man" Taylor, and MANY OTHERS! 

Make The Decision.

Join us 

October 20-21, 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama

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